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Announcing .NET 8 RC2

.NET 8 RC2 is now available and the final release candidate. Before the full launch of .NET 8 in November of this year. .NET 8 is the successor to .NET 7 and will be supported for three years as a long-term support (LTS) release.

A go-live license covers this releaseso you can receive support when using it in your production applications. Beware, though, that documentation still needs to be updated, and there are some breaking changes that you will encounter.

If you are planning to upgrade any applications, do so carefully.

Rest assured that all my courses taught in .NET 6/7 are fully compatible with .NET 8, so feel free to use .NET 8 to complete the course.

You can read more on .NET 8 and the plans for this upgrade with the links below.

Announcing .NET 8 RC2

Breaking Changes in .NET 8