Udemy Courses - Learning Path

Beginner Programming Courses

Web Development

Introduction To Website Development Technologies - $12.99 - Learn to build a deploy a multi-page website built using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Visual Studio Code, GitHub and Netlify

Database Development

Complete Microsoft SQL Server Database Design Masterclass - $12.99 - Learn the fundamentals of database design, development, and querying using the latest Microsoft SQL Server

MySQL Database Development Mastery - $12.99 - Learn fundamental Database Development techniques with MySQL Server and MySQL Workbench

Introductions to Application Development

C# Console and Windows Forms Development with LINQ & ADO .NET - $12.99 - Learn the basics of C# development and then build a practical Data-Driven Windows Forms Application using C#, LINQ, and SQL Server Express.

ASP.NET Core MVC - Cross-Platform Development - $12.99 - Learn how to develop an ASP.NET Core application for any operating system using cross-platform tools and the dotnet CLI.

Modern PHP Web Development w/ MySQL, GitHub & Heroku - $12.99 - Learn to develop data-driven web applications using PHP and MySQL (PDO), manage them with GitHub, and deploy to Heroku

Late Beginner/Intermediate Courses

Foundational Programming Concepts

Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming: C++ - $12.99 - Learn C++ syntax basics and modern Object-Oriented Programming techniques and tips.

Fundamentals Of Object-Oriented Programming: Java & IntelliJ - $12.99 - Learn Java basics and Object-Oriented programming using IntelliJ and modern techniques and tips

Application Development with .NET

Complete ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework Development - $12.99 - Learn ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework by building and publishing a practical Employee Leave Management System. Great for those new to .NET Core.

Complete Blazor (WASM & Server) and ASP.NET API Development - $12.99 - Learn ASP .NET Core API Development by building a RESTful API and consuming it in a Blazor Client Application. Great for learning how to create an API and consume it in a third-party app.

Ultimate ASP.NET Web API Development Guide - $12.99 - Learn how to create a secure and maintainable Web API using ASP.NET Core, Microsoft Azure, and Advanced Design Patterns. Recently updated to .NET 6

Blazor WebAssembly - Full-Stack Development - $12.99 - Learn to build a modern Blazor application while implementing enterprise-level concepts, design patterns, and features.

.NET MAUI Mobile App Development - $12.99 - Become a mobile app developer by learning .NET MAUI, and write cross-platform mobile apps today!

ASP.NET Core Minimal API Development Full Build - $12.99 - Learn to build a RESTful API using ASP.NET Core Minimal API Pattern, Entity Framework, and enterprise-level development practices and patterns.

Advanced/Specialized .NET Courses

Entity Framework Core - A Full Tour - $12.99 - Learn how to use the complete feature set of Entity Framework Core in your .NET applications. Learn and fully understand LINQ syntax, migrations, and how EF Core makes life easier!

ASP.NET Core Identity - User Security Essentials - $12.99 - We dive deeply into Identity for ASP.NET Core and authentication and authorization best practices.

ASP.NET Core - SOLID and Clean Architecture - $12.99 - Learn to create a SOLID and testable ASP.NET Core Application using the best industry standards and clean architecture.

Test Driven Development in .NET Core - The Handbook - $12.99 - Get Hands-On experience using Test Driven Development to write unit, integration, and application tests, and implement features in a real .NET application.

Microsoft Azure and DevOps Courses

Microsoft Azure Functions - Developing Serverless Solutions - $12.99 - You can learn how to develop Serverless solutions using Azure Functions. This course explores scenarios for Azure Functions and how they can integrate with other services.

Microsoft Azure for .NET Developers - $12.99 - Learn how to host and optimize ASP.NET applications using Microsoft Azure hosting and infrastructure services.

Azure DevOps and Continuous Delivery With Git - $12.99 - Learn to use Microsoft Azure DevOps Tools and Git to streamline your product delivery and support your team's efforts. Learn Continuous Delivery, Integration, and best practices for branching and development