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ASP.NET Core - Clean Architecture Course On YouTube

ASP.NET Core - Clean Architecture Course On YouTube

In this video, we'll be talking about ASP.NET Core - Clean Architecture. We'll cover the concept of clean architecture, how it helps with scaling and maintainability, works with the MVC pattern, and uses Fluent Validation.

This is the older version of my entire course on Udemy - ASP.NET Core - SOLID and Clean Architecture, where you learn to create a SOLID and testable ASP.NET Core Application using the best industry standards and clean architecture.

The latest version of this course features the following:

  • .NET 6/7/8 compatible code
  • Blazor Front-End Development
  • Entity Framework Core 7
  • Visual Studio 2022 Development
  • More modern techniques
  • Better quality explanations, code and, video
  • Unit and integration testing

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